A Gaudi spirit in Cappadocia

Architect Mark Burry best known for the completion project for Gaudi's most spectacular work, La Sagrada Familia, meets the Turkish architects in Cappadocia.

Antonio Gaudi is known to be one of the most marginal artists of 20th century, especially with his interestingly strange masterpieces in Barcelona. His artworks are the must see for the visitors of the city. His nature-inspired buildings show a surprising resemblance to Cappadocia and this fact is a topic among the intellectuals who have seen Cappadocia. There is even a book named 'The Gaudi in Cappadocia'.

Being Gaudi's most spectacular work, La Sagrada Familia church is the object of a successful 'completion project' since 1979. Argos Architecture & Design welcomes Mark Burry, the director of this project in Cappadocia on November, 15 – 19, 2014.

Burry will stay in argos in Cappadocia hotel which has a restoration story of 17 years with tunnels dating back to thousands of years ago and with mansions carved in rocks.

Burry will be giving a conference in Bezirhane, a dwelling of the monks and priests 1500 years ago where now is the heart of argos in Cappadocia as well as in Arkimeet in Istanbul.

For info and reservations: aic@argosincappadocia.com