Gift of Japan,
helping hand of Turkey

Turkey’s first smokeless Anagama oven in Avanos, hosted the first ash glazed ceramic cooking workshop. The return of the ceramic works from the workshop will be allocated to the the help fund for the Japanese earthquake survivors.

The workshop sponsored by Argos in Cappadocia covered many presentations and applications by pioneering ceramic artists including Masakazu Kusakabe. The ceramic Works produced throughout the workshop with this special technique are on display at Nevşehir University Avanos Vocational School as of May, 05, 2011.

Anagama oven is a contribution to the ceramic producing techniques in Turkey. The glazed ceramics produced without using glaze with the special cooking technique of Anagama, the wood fire open ceramic oven, are called ash glazed ceramics. This method is special to the Japanese culture, mostly influenced by Zen Buddhism, Wabi Sabi approach in aesthetics and the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremonies.

The one and only smokeless wood fire Anagama ceramics oven was built in 2009, under the guidance of Japanese artist and astronomer Masakazu Kusakabe, who was invited to Cappadocia by Turkish ceramic artist Tülin Özyurt. The first ash glazed ceramics were produced in 2010. Authentic Japanese Anagama ovens are appreciated as eco friendly and economical as they are smokeless, able to utilize the heat energy efficiently and require minimum time and fuel.

Argos in Cappadocia