August concerts in Bezirhane

“Klasik Keyifler”, the acclaimed chamber music series based in Turkey’s scenic Cappadocia, that specifically focuses on small ensemble repertoire, continues with full speed in August in the magnificent acoustics of the historical monastery church Bezirhane. “Klasik Keyifler Bezirhane Concerts” organized as part of the fourth anniversary of Klasik Keyifler chamber music festival brings together musicians from various countries and can be followed on the 1st, 4th, 7th and 11th August in Bezirhane and in other dates in various other venues all over Cappadocia.

Concert: Paris Essence
Date: 1st August 2012, Wednesday
Hour: 9.30 pm
Elena Cecconi (Flute)
Ali Asaad (Guitar)

Concert: Instrumental Music from Ottoman Palaces
Date: 4th August 2012, Saturday
Hour: 9.30 pm
Anatolia Ensemble

Concert: Stories and Legends; Stravinsky the Story of a Soldier
Date: 7th August 2012, Tuesday
Hour: 9.30 pm
Nikolas Demopoulos (Flute)
Dimitris Leontzakos (Clarinet)
Erato Alakiozidou (Piano)
Ellen Jewett (Cello)

Concert: Horse with Lavender Eyes, Works of Stephen Hartke
Date: 11th August 2012, Saturday
Hour: 9.30 pm
Ellen Jewett and Özcan Ulucan (Violin)
Greg Hesselink (Cello)
Jerfi Aji and Özgür Ünaldı (Piano)
Nusret Ispir (Clarinet)