Dig into our culinary offerings

argos in Cappadocia is expanding its culinary offerings with a series of cooking classes and wine tastings. Those looking for some hands on experience in the kitchen have the opportunity to sign up for one of the new, half-day cooking classes. During the classes, participants will visit a local market with the hotel’s chef to gather fresh ingredients or pick fragrant herbs like thyme, rosemary and mint as well as lettuces from Argos’s own garden to use in the kitchen. Participants will then work with the chef to prepare a delicious lunch.

Oenophiles will rejoice at Argos’s new wine tasting program, which takes place in the two thousand years old underground wine cellar and includes a total of six wines as well as a bread and cheese platter. With the Cappadocian wine tasting set, guests will have the opportunity to learn about world-class wines that reflect the character of the Cappadocia region including varieties made from the hotel’s own Kalecik Karası and Syrah grapes, while the Turkish wine tasting set will introduce visitors to a multitude of producers throughout the country.

For more info; aic@argos.com.tr