Heroes Of 'Responsible Travel' Selected In Pure Awards

argos in Cappadocia is selected as a finalist for global PURE awards that honors enterprises combining high end travel with humanitarian causes. argos in Cappadocia is selected by travel experts after a global poll as a finalist in Community Engagement category.

PURE awards are delivered in seven categories this year. The Community Engagement category aims to celebrate 'the projects or initiatives that strategically and sensitively integrates the local community, aligning itself with the values and priorities of the inhabitants and protecting the authenticity of the culture, while enriching the experience of the traveler'.

Being an ongoing restoration project, argos in Cappadocia houses carpenter and stone ateliers with talented masters from the region to preserve the 'genius loci' of the 3000 years old settlements of Cappadocia region, where it is located. Villager women are educated by designers for the upcycling activities of the hotel. Being also a wine resort, Argos Vineyards resort to local labor in its viniculture activities that have resulted in globally awarded wines for many times.

argos in Cappadocia has been the sole finalist from Turkey. The finalists are depicted by experientially-minded, high end travel experts. The awards are annually given to the most exciting projects and enterprises that contribute to re-imagining the role of high end and experiential travel on environment and local communities.