Stone Room | Deluxe | Suite | Splendid Suite

Our spacious and airy splendid suites with their own in-room private pools are ideal for those who want to spend time in their room. In our splendid suites, you will have a view of the garden and experience the historic beauty of accommodations that are half stone with the other half carved into living rock. You can also enjoy their own private pools in the spacious and comfortable splendid suites that are entirely within the cave. The splendid suites with a terrace have the bedroom and living areas separated so that, if you want, you can lounge in the pool on the bottom floor or spend your time looking at the enchanting view from the terrace of your room.

The sitting niche in our splendid suite located under a gigantic arch has its own garden and terrace. You can look out over Pigeon Valley and gaze upon Mt. Erciyes as you sip a drink in your room or you can cool off in our pool on the bottom floor.

Argos in Cappadocia


All designed in a different style, the Argos In Cappadocia offers a great variety of guest rooms and suites at 7 different mansions.
There are 51 rooms, suites and splendid suites with the latter including private cave pools.The rooms are between 17 and 50 square meters in size, while the suites range from 51 to 120 square meters.

Monastery Mansion

1 stone room
3 deluxe
4 suite

Tunnel Mansion

5 stone room
1 deluxe
3 suite
1 splendid suite

Vasil Mansion

1 stone room
5 deluxe
6 suite

Gemil Mansion

2 stone room
3 splendid suite

White Mansion

4 deluxe

Tıraz Mansion

5 stone room
4 deluxe
2 suite

Kavak Mansion

2 suite
1 deluxe
Outdoor private pool