Events at Bezirhane

Now the heart of Argos in Cappadocia, this space has been the spiritual home of monks. With its remarkable acoustics, Bezirhane is as a venue for arts events, meetings and social gatherings.

Upcoming events

April Classics at Bezirhane

7 April 2017
Bezirhane, One of the most exclusive concerts halls of Turkey, hosts a special classical music concert in April.
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From Folk Songs to Arias at Bezirhane

13 May 2017
Bezirhane farewells Cappadocian spring with a recital in respect to the mothers and contemporary Turkish composers.
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Recent events

Romantic Acoustics in Bezirhane

11 Fabruary 2017
Valentine’s Day weekend in Bezirhane will be a hearth warmer with a lovely acoustic concert. Two recently shining stars, Evrencan Gündüz and Melisa Karakurt...
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Classical ‘Anthology’ in Bezirhane

7 October 2016
After many concerts, they have become one of the most sought after groups for classical music in Istanbul and Tres Ensemble is getting ready for a unique concert in Bezirhane with its special acoustics.
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Autumn Delight in Bezirhane
Ece Demirci

24 September 2016
One of the most authentic and favorite concert venues in Turkey, Bezirhane welcomes the new season with different concerts. Music lovers will enjoy the mystical aura of Bezirhane with worldwide known artists in September.
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Azeri Virtuoso in Cappadocia

17 September 2016
Globally known for her album Sevdana, recorded with Sevil Ulucan as well as for bringing in many talented students to the world of piano, Gülnare Shekinskaya visits Cappadocia for the first time!
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Autumn Delight in Bezirhane
Erhan Ersin

10 September 2016
Erhan Ersin Quartet, popular throughout Europe as well as Turkey will be visiting Cappadocia for the first time to perform Erhan Ersin's first album "Chasing The Voices" reflecting a different touch to jazz music.
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Romantic Farewell to Summer in Bezirhane

27 August 2016
One of the most favored and authentic concert venues of Turkey, Bezirhane bids farewell to the summer season with an exceptional concert.
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Çelliçel Quartet in Bezirhane

20 August 2016
One of the youngest and most successful chamber music groups of Turkey, Çelliçel is preparing for a concert in the unique atmosphere of Bezirhane.
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A Musical World Tour in Bezirhane

9 / 23 July 2016
Providing a unique concert space both for musicians and music-lovers with its natural acoustics, Bezirhane continues to host globally acclaimed Turkish musicians by Yücel Canyaran’s art-directing in July.
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June Acoustics '16 Starts at Bezirhane

11 / 17 / 25 June 2016
Shelter to the monk and priests 1500 years ago, now one of the most special concert halls in Turkey with its outstanding natural acoustics Bezirhane hosts master musicians in Cappadocia through June. Book your places for these free and limited audience concerts series and let yourself to the delight of various genres from flamenco to classical from the best musicians of Turkey surrounded by the enchanting atmosphere of Bezirhane.
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Olcay Saral - Momentum Concert in Bezirhane!

29 April 2016
One of the best artists to cover the sounds of Anatolia, the talented and offbeat pianist and composer Olcay Saral visits Bezirhane for a not-to-be-missed concert.
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Bezirhane Acoustic Concerts Continue With Selen Servi

29 October 2015
Selen Servi, the fresh and beloved voice of Turkish music, prepares to sing her 'Unadorned Songs' inside the exceptional acoustics of Bezirhane. Having been praised by both music writers and her audience with her second album, Selen Servi's next stop in her concert tour is Cappadocia.
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21 – 23 August 2015
Building an interdisciplinary meeting space for various art forms, especially theatre, dance and music; ‘Seyirler Project’ brought together many international artists, academicians and thinkers at Cappadocia Festival.
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Cappadox Festival starts

16 - 18 May 2015
Now it's time to take the matchless Cappadocia experience of the five senses one step further. Cappadox is an authentic festival where the festival goers make their personal program.
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An enchanting voice in Cappadocia

21 March 2015
Amazing Şevval Sam with her mellifluous voice meets the music lovers on March 21th in Bezirhane via a fascinating acoustic concert.
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Romance and music in Bezirhane

14 January 2015
An extra ordinary place and different melodies for a Valentine's Day… Ad Astra Duo celebrates love in the mystical atmosphere of Bezirhane.
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A Gaudi spirit in Cappadocia

16 -17 November 2014
Architect Mark Burry best known for the completion project for Gaudi's most spectacular work, La Sagrada Familia, meets the Turkish architects in Cappadocia.
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Olcay Saral plays in Bezirhane on June 7th

7 June 2014
Jazz pianist Olcay Saral will perform in Bezirhane on June 7th, at 7 pm. Saral has played at İstanbul Jazz Festival for the first time in 2003. The following year, he perfomed at Akbank Jazz Festival with his trio...
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How About A Long Weekend Full Of Music?

16 December 2013
Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to share an intimate evening of chamber music with world-renowned cellist Johannes Moser and the Ankara University Soloists as part of the Klasik Keyifler-Bezirhane Concerts in argos in Cappadocia on December 16th, at 7 pm
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Join Us at Arifa Concert

14 November 2013
Join us at the Arifa jazz concert on November 14th.. Arifa is a group of four musicians from different cultures and backgrounds.
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Time for Music

5-8 August 2013
The traditonal argos in Cappadocia - Klasik Keyifler summer concerts tkaing place every year in the two thousand years old monastery church Bezirhane are set for August this year. Book your place for the enchanting melodies…
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Architectural Talks in Bezirhane

12 January 2013
Winter talks titled; “Architects are Talking Through Kalebodur” in the historical monastery church of argos in Cappadocia, will launch the first session on January 12th, 2013. Led by Kalebodur in cooperation with Argos...
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Do Not Miss November Concerts

07.11.2012 - 09.11.2012
argos in Cappadocia, having organised several cultural events during summer, now hosts the Garth Newel Piano Quartet on 7th and 9th of November in cooperation with Klasik Keyifler (
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Klasik Keyifler Bezirhane July Concert

August concerts in Bezirhane

01.08.2012 - 11.08.2012
“Klasik Keyifler”, the acclaimed chamber music series based in Turkey’s scenic Cappadocia, that specifically focuses on small ensemble repertoire, continues with full speed in August in the magnificent acoustics of the historical monastery church Bezirhane.
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Klasik Keyifler Bezirhane July Concert

Ulucan Siblings in Bezirhane

Klasik Keyifler, an organization dedicated to the innovative presentation of small chamber ensemble concerts and workshops in a wide variety of intimate settings primarily within Turkey, will be holding a series of concerts in the historical atmosphere of Bezirhane through 2012.
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Klasikler  oda  samimiyetiyle Argos'ta

Her Nature is My Nature

16.06.2012 - 18.06.2012
Photographs of Fatma Sevi, paintings of Osman Özüdoğru and sculptures of Cem Kahveci may be seen in Bezirhane for three consecutive days.
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Klasikler  oda  samimiyetiyle Argos'ta

Lovely Tunes From Ronesans Vocal Group

The group will now have a concert in the “land of beautiful horses”; Cappadocia on June 9th, Saturday in Bezirhane; the two thousand year old monastery of argos in Cappadocia. The group has a repertoire of “A Capella Madrigals and Folk Songs”.
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Klasikler  oda  samimiyetiyle Argos'ta

From Schubert to Piazzola

argos in Cappadocia welcomes Klasik Keyifler Chamber Music Festival that supports chamber music in extraordinary venues.
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Cappadocia Jazz Days In Argos in Cappadocia

Cappadocia Jazz Days In Argos in Cappadocia

Magic of Cappadocia blends in with the magic of jazz for the second time and Argos in Cappadocia hosts Cappadocia Jazz Days.
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Canan Alimdar

Jewelries reaching "From Wings to Kings" in Bezirhane

08.08.2011 – 14.08.2011
Jewelry designer Canan Alimdar's "From Wings to Kings" jewelry exhibition is now in Argos in Cappadocia.
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Art at the "center of the world"

6th International Fabrikart Group Contemporary Art Festival which aims to make Anatolia with its rich art history, a global intersection and production point of arts, starts in Cappadocia.
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Wine Daysstarts in Cappadocia

"Wine Days" starts in Cappadocia

The cradle of wine in Anatolia witnesses a Turkey scale gathering. Wine producers and wine lovers from all around Turkey comes together at Cappadocia Wine Days.
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"Latest Works" of Deleuze in Bezirhane

17.06.2011 – 07.07.2011
French painter and sculptor Nicole Deleuze's "Latest Works" exhibition meets the art-lovers in Argos in Cappadocia June 17 through July 20, 2011.
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Europe in Cappadocia

Europe in Cappadocia

Bezirhane hosts a multinational project in May. On the background of the photography exhibition "Cappadocia and Europe", stands Europe and the unique panorama of Cappadocia.
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Gift of Japan, helping hand of Turkey

25.04.2011 - 05.05.2011
Turkey's first smokeless Anagama oven in Avanos, hosted the first ash glazed ceramic cooking workshop. The return of the ceramic works from the workshop will be allocated to the the help fund for the Japanese earthquake survivors.
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Mercan Dede


July 2010
Under the  sponsorship of Argos in Cappadocia, Transit Festival will meet with art lovers between the dates  2- 17 July, 2010 in Cappadocia. The festival,  that will be held for the fifth time, will harmonize  renowed artists’ performances and improvisations with the unique beauty of Cappadocia.
Mercan Dede

Doremis in Cappadocia

10 October 2009
Worldwide known DOREMIS Ensemble composed by four members of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra gave a never to be forgotten concert in the Bezirhane Concert Hall. With its rich repertoire consisting of the compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, Max Reger, W. A. Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Aleksey Igudesman, Johann Straus and Murat Ustun, the concert was enjoyed by a multinational audience where the Austrian Cultural Attaché and the Austrian Consul were also present.
Mercan Dede

Klasik Keyifler - Jam Session

25 September 2009
"Klasik Keyifler" Projects keep touring with their concert series aiming to combine the rich and multilayered historical texture of Anatolia with the universal heritage of music, in rather small but exciting locations where the audience can feel the spirit of old times. The jam session performed by the Borusan Quartet members under the theme "Sounds of Vienna, 1750-1900" was highly appreciated by the audience in the Bezirhane Concert Hall.
Mercan Dede

Benyamin Sönmez

18 May 2009
Considered as "one of the most talented musicians of his generation" by the iconic cellist and composer Mstislav Rostropovich (1927-2007) and winner of the National Cello Competition, Benyamin Sonmez, gave a fantastic concert in the Bezirhane Concert Hall - Argos in Cappadocia.
Mercan Dede

Mercan Dede

17 May 2009
Mercan Dede who has hit #1 position in the European World Music Charts for two successive months, whose album "800" has been nominated Best Album in World Music category by WOMEX, had a great concert in the magical atmosphere of the Bezirhane Concert Hall accompanied by the master musicians in his band.