Join Us at Arifa Concert This November

Bezirhane event hall that has been host to many jazz and chamber music concerts, panels, workhops, exhibitions throughout the year welcomes Arifa music group that was founded in the Netherlands by musicians from different cultures. Western style jazz and independent improvisation along with traditional impacts resulting from different backgrounds shape the musical style of the group. Alex Simu from Romania is at clarinet, Sjahin During from Netherlands is at percussions, Franz Von Chossy from Germany is at the piano and Mehmet Polat plays the ud.

Arifa recorded their first album “Beyond Babylon” in 2011 in the Netherlands. Their second album "Anatolian Alchemy" was recorded last year. The concert in Bezirhane is held as part of “Dutch Delight” activities organised as part of the 400th year of diplomatic relations between Turkey and the Netherlands.

To inquire for accommodation and attend the concert on November 14th, at 9 pm, e-mail us at;