Leave the World Outside

Cnn.com covered argos in Cappadocia in a travel article titled; "Rooms without a view; underground stays." Here is what the piece said; "A room with a view is a perk usually coveted by travelers. So much so that one of the most famous travel romance movies of all time takes that title. But travel is also about shutting the rest of the world out, and nothing does that quite like a room without even a single window to the outside world. Here we look at a variety of viewless accommodations, from rock-carved former monastery chambers to cave camping Fred Flintstone-style."

Along with argos in Cappadocia Locanda di San Martino Hotel e Thermae and Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita from Matera-Italy, Grand Canyon Caverns Suites from Arizona, Cumberland Caverns from Tennessee, Seven Springs Lodge from Alabama - USA and Desert Cave Hotel from Australia are also featured.