Summer Classics in Bezirhane

Due to its natural acoustics one of the most special concert venues of Turkey, Bezirhane continues to import classic music melodies to Cappadocia. Group 3 Divas is ready for an unforgettable concert.

Having been the spiritual home of monks centuries ago, a lodging house for camel-driven Silk Road caravans and now the heart of argos in Cappadocia, Bezirhane is hosting one more special concert for a limited audience. Group 3 Divas, three brilliant names in classical music in Turkey are getting prepared to enchant the audience with a special repertoire for Cappadocia.

Not only in Turkey, a well-known mezzo soprano also in Europe and U.S. Aylin Aydın (Odabaş), awarded pianist of TRT İzmir Radio and Television Cemile Cabbar and the young talent, cellist and pianist Pelin Odabaşı from 9 Eylül University Symphony Orchestra are coming together for an unforgettable night with the classic music enthusiasts in Cappadocia. Their repertoire envelopes pieces from Neapolitans to operas and well known classic masterpieces.

It is advised to make reservations for this special concert on Saturday, June 17 at 21:30.