The Place For Healing Through Sound: Bezirhane, Cappadocia

VOFA (Vibrations of Anatolia) Festival is due to release its vibrations to the authentic Cappadocia on 14-17 September this year. Bezirhane with its natural and unique acoustics is among the hosts of the many healing sound sessions, concerts and interactive workshops.

Started by two gong and sound healers, Ezgi Sorman and Rida Kıraşı, VOFA aims to revive the wisdom of sound and vibration healing practices in Anatolia. Organized for the third time by VOFA, Healing through Organic Sound Festival – VOFA 2017 searches to remind the lightness and flow in our existence by giving into the transformative and healing properties of sound. Body exercises, gong showers, Himalayan bowls, showers with Shamanic drums and various other instruments, group meditations and group prayers will each morning and evening throughout the festival will call the participants to the realm of healing.

Bezirhane will host the opening ceremony of the festival as well as two other main activities. On the 14th, after the opening ceremony, mantras will be echoing the ancient walls of Bezirhane. Following the healing sounds, participants will experience a sound/vocal workshop the same day. On the third day, Bezirhane witnesses an extraordinary workshop for DNA programming via sound, followed by a massive gong shower.

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