The Seventh Level of Luxury

argos in Cappadocia’s new mansion is expanding the borders of luxury over the multi-layered history of the region and it is ready to host its new visitors! Inclusive of a hundreds of years old cuisine - şırahane*, the mansion provides real experience combined with utmost luxury.

Being a worldwide quintessence in terms of combining the true and natural experience with utmost comfort and luxury is an endless source of honor for us. The seventh and latest mansion we have incorporated into the ‘village’ with the very emotions, has a dreamlike charm.

This specially decorated luxury mansion reflects the most transitive state of the traditional, natural and luxurious with two suite rooms and a deluxe room with fireplaces and private terraces. The all-seasons heated open-air pool beholds the magnificent and peaceful Mount Erciyes and Pigeon Valley panorama.

The mansion offers a real journey in time complete with a hundreds of years old cuisine-şırahane and two original rooms where vegetables, fruits and cheeses in ceramic pots were stored in the past. We preserve these areas as they were found to provide our visitors an opportunity to use the ancient instruments which are normally kept in museums out of reach, thus a matchless experience.

* Home-Winery