Time to Enjoy Summer Concerts

Time for chamber music concerts in argos in Cappadocia this summer! There are 4 prominent concerts to be held between August 5-8 at the hotel's Bezirhane; the ancient monastery church Klasik Keyifler Cappadocia Music Festival will be held at the end of July, this year. argos in Cappadocia also hosts 4 prominent concerts in its ancient monastery church Bezirhane, as the biggest sponsor of the event put together for the last 5 years to support chamber music in the region. The festival will end on August 11th with a concert in Aya Nicola Monastery.

Here is the schedule for "Bezirhane Concerts" in argos in Cappadocia;

* August 5th; Reflecting Goethe
Time: 9.30 pm
Artist: Ellen Jewett, Kıvanç Tire; violin, Jerfi Aji; piano, Indira Rahmatulla; çello, Javier Lopez Calvo; violin

* August 6th; 7 Composers- 7 Countries
Time: 9.30 pm
Artist: Borusan Quartet

* August 7th; Hungarian Rhapsody
Time: 9.30 pm
Artist: Marta Gulyas and Birsen Ulucan, piano; Ozcan Ulucan, violin

* August 8th; 100 Years with Le Sacre
Time: 9.30 pm
Artist: Jerfi Aji and Cagdas Ozkan; piano, Ayşen Ulucan; violin and Cem Onurturk; flute

For more info on concerts and accommodation; aic@argos.com.tr