Türkiye'nin 'En Güzel Lüks Butik Oteli' Belli Oldu

Designating the prominent luxury hotels around the globe, World Luxury Hotel Awards honored argos in Cappadocia, ‘the village with a reception room’, as The Best Luxury Small Hotel of Turkey.

One of the most important awards in global hotelier industry came to one of the most beautiful destinations in Turkey. In its 12th year of delivering awards to the prominent luxury hotels of the world for their unique features, announced argos in Cappadocia as ‘The Best Luxury Small Hotel’ of Turkey.

The awards are delivered after a careful elimination process, based on votes of above 300 thousand hotel guests around the world. This year the awards were delivered with a spectacular ceremony in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The best of 2017 in 99 categories, among over 2000 candidates were announced.

As a genuine and nature compatible restoration project of a thousands of years old monastary campus and the historical village in the heart of Cappadocia, in the old Uçhisar Village; argos in Cappadocia continues to reflect the perfect balance of respect to the nature and praisal of the luxury in every experience it offers. Argos in Cappadocia was honored with ‘The Best Luxury Historical Hotel’ last year.