We Are One Of The Best 30 Hotels Of The World!

argos in Cappadocia is listed among the ‘Top 30 Luxury Hotels of 2016’, this time by the prestigious Robb Report Mexico.

The Mexico edition of Robb Report, the magazine where the most prestigious global brands find place in accordance with the ‘perfection in luxury’ criteria, listed argos in Cappadocia among the Top 30 Luxury Hotels – World’s Best Hotels.

One of the influencer writers of the country, Alonso Vera Cantu penned argos in Cappadocia for Robb Report as “… one of the best accommodation choices for both cultural and adventure activities” and wrote highly of the hotel’s warm hospitality, the luxury suites within the thousands years old monastery caves, wine tastings in the underground cellar and the wines produced from the grapes of Argos Vineyards.

We are happy to share with you yet another praise we are given…