"Wine Days" starts in Cappadocia

The cradle of wine in Anatolia witnesses a Turkey scale gathering. Wine producers and wine lovers from all around Turkey comes together at Cappadocia Wine Days.

"Wine and History" being its main theme, Cappadocia Wine Days aims to keep the wine culture along with its history fresh in Cappadocia where is one of the oldest wine producing regions of Turkey. In this pursuit, the traits of wine in Anatolia which is old as the history of civilizations in this land will be followed for 3 days through various events. With a slide show about "History of Wine" and an ensuing wine tasting, the opening of the Cappadocia Wine Days takes place in Argos in Cappadocia. The event has a busy schedule with lunches and dinners accompanied by local wines, excursions with professional guides on the traces of wine in history, exhibitions, seminars by local and foreign specialists and concerts. Click here for the detailed program.


Argos in Cappadocia