Current / Events / Cappadocia October / November 2016
argos in Cappadocia's new mansion is expanding the borders of luxury over the multi-layered history of the region and it is ready to host its new visitors!

  "Excellency Award" Goes to Seki Restaurant
Designating the restaurants with best wine lists all over the world for years, Wine Spectator Awards honored Seki Restaurant with the Award of Excellence one more time this year.

  Luscious Weekends
Giving a break to the endless needs and musts… While even the thought is seductive enough, argos in Cappadocia promises a perfect escapade with a new package tailormade just for the weekends.

  Designing a Better World
As the range of global challenges grows and intensifies, the role of architecture, planning and design are becoming ever more critical to ensuring a better future for all people. Nevertheless, architects have found the cure for some epidemics in the recent past!

  The Sound of Cappadocian Earth
Did you know that the best earth darbukas of Turkey are made in Cappadocia and one of the two handmade udu makers lives in Avanos? Archeological studies conducted in Anatolia demonstrate that people started to give shape to the earth in Neolithic Period.

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