Current / Events / Cappadocia December / January 2018
These times of the year might be a bit more important than the others for it gives us a perfect opportunity to review a whole year behind to remember or find where we stand and where we want to go.

  Star Chef Thumbs Up for Seki
The world renowned 19 chefs visiting Gastromasa, one of the top 10 international gastronomy conferences, were welcomed at SEKİ, the awarded restaurant in argos in Cappadocia.

  Not to Miss: the Most Fun New Year Bazaar
We don’t know yet if the white snowflakes will decorate the red bricks but we know this for sure: Festive Hamster is determined to enliven the New Year soul...

  Let's Turn the Night into Day!
Now, it’s a tradition in İstanbul to run or ride in the longest night of the year. This year in 23th December, Under Armour Longest Night – Run or Ride will illuminate yet another long night with colorful and bright lights.

  When is New Year?
It’s already time to count down. We can enjoy the comfort of knowing the exact date that is 1st of January. Still some will be enjoying the current year a little more. Let’s see who celebrates the new year when...

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