Current / Events / Cappadocia October / November 2018
argos in Cappadocia hosts two unforgettable concerts in November. On the second day of the month, Bezirhane hosts mezzo-soprano Seda Kırankaya who performs the best of classical music at her concerts each time accompanied by a different instrument.

  Season Finale at Moonlight Cappadocia
Moonlight Cappadocia, the night walks that explore the mysterious valleys of Cappadocia under the full moon set foot in the last walk of the year on October 26.
  Renew Yourself For The New Year
The first rule for making your life valuable is to give value to yourself. Now drop everything and take a deep breath, then have a look at argos in Cappadocia’s amazing offers for the whole winter.
  The World of Choir in Cappadocia
Cappadocia hosts a special conference in November. Founded some 50 years ago, European Choral Assosiation’s conference and general assembly will take place in Turkey for the first time!
  Argos Design & Architecture Supports Tokalı Church Restorations
The unique wall paintings in Tokalı Church, the oldest known church in Göreme Open Air Museum, add new stories to the history of Cappadocia.
  Interpretation of a Dream
Pierre-Olivier Beaudoin and our small guest, Lukas Hirt, argos in Cappadocia.

  Hacı Bektash Veli Commemorated
Hacı Bektash Veli, who left his mark on the mysticism tradition in Anatolia was commemorated on October 12-14 this year.
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