The all-seeing eye of Cappadocia

Uçhisar Castle is the summit where Cappadocia mingles with the clouds; it is the tallest fairy chimney and can be seen from any spot in the region. When you reach the summit of the castle, all the beauty of Cappadocia is laid at your feet, everything from Mt. Erciyes to the Hasan Mountains, from Pigeon Valley to Avanos, from the Ortahisar castle to the town of Göreme.

The numerous hollowed-out containers, rock tombs, and a large water cistern all welcome you as silent witnesses to history and human life. It is the perfect place to watch the fantastic hues of red on Mt. Erciyes at sunset, the tranquil, living breath of the valleys and the rainbow of color offered by earth and sky. 

Uçhisar Kalesi