Now the heart of Argos in Cappadocia, this space has been the spiritual home of monks, a lodging house for camel-driven Silk Road caravans and, until a century ago, a facility producing linseed oil …
With its remarkable acoustics and pair of giant domes, the latest incarnation of this amazing structure is as a venue for arts events, meetings and social gatherings.
Argos in Cappadocia



The historic linseed press (Bezirhane) with its natural 8 and 10 meter-high domes has been converted into a salon, providing guests with a unique concert experience in the historic tapestry of Cappadocia. With its incredible natural acoustics, Bezirhane is capable of giving concerts to 120 people and is equipped with a special sound system. 

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Argos in Cappadocia is an ideal place for couples who want to celebrate this most special occasion against the backdrop of Cappadocia’s historic beauty and everything is ready for a picture perfect wedding. You can enjoy time with loved ones and let professionals handle every detail of the ceremony.

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You can organize special events in our 90-person facility and give your guests the royal treatment with dishes prepared by our master chefs and delivered with first rate service. Our professional team will treat all of your guests as if they were guests in their own homes with the same friendliness and attention to detail.

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Executive Meetings

If you would like to showcase distinction in presentations, meetings and product launches, then crown your event with the splendor of Cappadocia, where our fully equipped salons are at your service. Everything you need to make your executive meeting enjoyable and productive is provided, including a complete sound system, barcovision and acoustic equipment.

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